Oshana Energy-Work Posture
physical healing

Physical Healing

Effective Healthcare System

Dissolve psychosomatic tensions for optimal energy, awareness and deep relaxation.

mental peace

Mental Peace

Moving Meditation

As stressful thoughts drop away, your mind enters deep abiding peace.

emotional freedom

Emotional Freedom

Therapeutic Release

You become free as your emotions complete their journey.

spiritual awakening

Spiritual Awakening

Connect to Nature, Earth & Heaven

Find compassion, support and meaning through your awareness of the Creation.


Oshana Energy-Work

Oshana Energy-Work is easy-to-learn, fun to practise and endlessly fascinating. You get to feel good with yourself and will find exercise a joy.

Health is Important

We all want great health - today we need it more than ever. But gyms are struggling to attract and keep clients. Why? Many health regimes are beneficial but they are just too difficult, boring or specialised for the majority of people - especially, the young and old.

The Oshana System

The Oshana System was originally designed for high-functioning individuals at the forefront of human potential, such as dancers, healers, yogis, martial artists, meditators and spiritual seekers.

Energy-Work For All

Today, everyone can benefit. There are now energy-work teachers around the world promoting this comprehensive healthcare system to doctors, physiotherapists, international athletes, yoga teachers, clinical psychologists, celebrities, artists and families.

Everyone loves to discover simple techniques which quickly improve the quality of life.

About Oshana

Dave Oshana has a extensive background in psychology, alternative health, bodywork and oriental healing modalities. Oshana teaches small groups in just a few countries - intentionally - to preserve the integrity and high-quality of his methods. Since June 2000, Oshana dedicated his life to spiritually helping others, and currently teaches in Finland and the UK.

100% recommended

In a recent random satisfaction survey, 100% of Oshana Energy-Work practitioners surveyed said they would recommend Oshana Energy-Work to their friends, family, and colleagues.

Media Interest

We’re blessed to have positive press coverage of the Oshana Teaching. Anna, the top women's magazine in Finland, dedicated a 3 page spread in their health section to a photo-article about the Oshana Energy-Work Method.

Try us, join us

Try the Oshana Energy-Work Method and notice how your life becomes more elegant, clear and simple.

Any questions?

Schedule enquiries, press and general questions and comments should be sent to OshanaOffice at the following email address: inquiry1@oshana-energywork.com
Phone/SMS Text: (Finland) 040 900 8645

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