Mental Peace

Moving Meditation

As stressful thoughts drop away, your mind enters deep abiding peace.

  • drop unwanted thoughts
  • dissolve stress
  • become fascinated with inner processes
  • sense of oneness
  • deep relaxation
  • tap into inner bliss
  • slow down the mind
  • heighten awareness

Mental Peace

A busy mind can be quieted by physical movements and breathing techniques. Conversely, a restless body can be calmed by a strong, positive mind.

The Oshana Energy-Work Method uses physical movements and breathing techniques but it goes further than most relaxation systems because it utilises special knowledge of the body's inner workings.

By tapping into the body's natural energy system it is possible to root out psychosomatic stress and thus rid yourself of uncomfortable feelings and even memories.

You also locate your body's bliss centres and be able to go there when you need a relaxing, refreshing break from day-to-day chores.