Physical Healing

Effective Healthcare System

Dissolve psychosomatic tensions for optimal energy, awareness and deep relaxation

  • simple physical movements
  • remove stress not only from the body
  • immediate health benefits
  • optimal postures
  • effective, easy self-massage
  • deep relaxation
  • breathing techniques
  • support, strengthen and correct the body's functions
  • raises energy and awareness levels
  • identify, prevent and cure illness
  • stablilise and ground your posture
  • improve body awareness

Physical Healing

The key to good health is unobstructed flow.

We need to remove unhealthy blockages to feel good.

The human body is comprised of several different circulatory systems which carry substances vital for survival. If the transportation of these substances is blocked then disease or death result.

Dissolving such blockages is a life-enhancing action which increases vitality causing a feeling of enhanced well-being and increased energy.

The Oshana Energy-Work Method concentrates on removing stress, tension and toxins using special techniques and principles.

One such principle is the "inner sauna effect" which creates a pleasant heat, like steam, from the centre of the body, warming up certain vital internal organs, such as, kidneys. There are also cooling techniques too, to balance heating effects.

These techniques are simple, safe and easy enough to be practiced alone after one lesson.