Spiritual Awakening

Connect to Nature, Earth & Heaven

Find compassion, support and meaning through your awareness of the Creation.

  • discover your life's purpose
  • dissolve your ego
  • become in tune with nature
  • bond with the Earth (grounding)
  • touch the Heavens (inspiration)
  • sense the emotions and thoughts of others
  • empty the mind
  • raise spiritual awareness

Spiritual Awakening

Ultimately, the true value of the Oshana Energy-Work System is to create enlightened human beings.

Human life is supposed to be lived to its full potential. That means: knowing who you are, where you are supposed to be going and how to get there.

The Oshana System will help you find your inner direction, get support from the Heaven (Universe), receive inspiration, energy and innumerable blessings.

You will learn how to heal yourself and others. How to do the right thing spiritually in any situatation. Unlock the secrets of Life and Universe. Take responsibility for your Creation.

There are many discoveries that await you, and Oshana can help speed you along your spiritual path, avoiding the stumblings and pit-falls that await you, and realise great abundance earlier than you think.

Ultimately, you will find that this Creation is all you, and that your movements of magic are your love dance with the Universe!

Just around the corner Enlightenment awaits you.